Live from Redmond….

March 9, 2006

My Internet platform:

Firefox browser
Google Search — usually from Firefox toolbar
Yahoo Mail
Netvibes as start page/RSS reader

Yesterday as I used Microsoft’s page and new search features I was pretty impressed. The whole experience needs to speed up quite a bit, and that may be non-trivial, but one could very easily see how Microsoft can integrate into Vista and become relevant in the online ad space VERY quickly.


Hooray for Diller

February 28, 2006

The launch is great and all, but count me as one who just doesn’t think it matters.

Henry “This is not Investment Advice” Blodget points out that he uses Yahoo for search largely because as a MyYahoo user, Yahoo search is the most convenient. This highlights the fact that the ‘search’ battle is actually a battle for the desktop. Yahoo is competing because it has an existing relationship with users via IM, MyYahoo, and any number of the other Yahoo products. Google is competing with its toolbar, its Pack, and its deal with Dell. Microsoft is attacking the market with both Live and Vista. The access guys have an opportunity as well, but they are all in partnering with others and only AOL has a strategy to truly reap the benefits. I don’t know what Diller has in his arsenal that will make him competitive here. IMO, if you are looking for a 4th player Apple is your best bet.