Headline 180s

February 28, 2006

Headline from MarketWatch: Justice Dept. seeks to reassure Google on privacy

How long before the parties in this headline reverse roles?


This Craigslist suit should be very entertaining.

Google vs. Perfect 10

February 22, 2006

Paul Kedrosky has the best take so far on yesterday’s announcement, where he points out that this really boils down to AdSense policies.

I agree, but also wonder if this could be a trouble spot for the keyword trademark disputes as well. The judge wonders about the financial relationship b/w copyright infreingers and Google where the tie-in is the involvement of the infringers in Google’s AdSense network.
Well, a much more substantial relationship exists between Google and the companies that purchase another firms marks in their keyword advertisements. Google benefits, not just from the sale of those keywords, but also from higher than average conversions infringers receive from the suspect keywords which most of the time results in the sale (or increased pricing) of all the other keywords an infringer buys from Google.
I’m not sure whether the judge is right or wrong in this case, but I bet the lawyers for Check N Go and American Blinds are watching.