This Craigslist suit should be very entertaining.


WSJ meet

February 23, 2006

So Dow Jones finally realigns.  As Paul points out over at Infectious Greed this is one of the developments that makes you think those Careerbuilder commercials have more than a little truth to them.

Either way, as a subscriber to both the print and online versions it got me thinking about my regular interactions with the WSJ.

I use my 15 minute commute as a way to scan the print publication for articles of interest.  These articles then become the things I seek out at when I log in.  This tells me three things:

1. I have a short commute
2. The print version is actually easier to scan for articles than the online version, otherwise I would read the articles of the print version and scan the online version later.  This is completely backwards.
3. Personalization.  The Online Journal needs to personalize the experience to a far great extent than it currently is.

Here’s an idea.

Findory needs to hook up with these guys to personalize the entire layout of the  WSj could pay Findory for service or Findory could give it to them and other online pubs while building their RSS mashups on the backend. They benefit from getting access to the data at publisher sites which helps them to better deliver their personalized news service which in turns drives traffic back to

Oh nevermind.  This makes too much sense for the soon to be extint newspapers its much more fun to gripe about Google News.  Which brings us right back to those CareerBuilder commercials.

Wizzbox loves Slingbox

February 23, 2006

My apologies for commenting in the third person.

The guys at Sling Media deserve major kudos for their Sling Box. It is a fantastic device and as long as they don’t go Tivo on us they are going to be a big part of the digital landscape for a long time.

A shiny new toy all agency holding companies ought to have.  The WSJ has a Q&A with Rishad Tobaccowala.

Denuo is being billed as a consultancy, but it looks like a nice hedge against the changing media buying landscape to me.

itunes and NBC

February 22, 2006

Can someone help me understand why NBC would run a pilot of “Conviction” on iTunes but not at NBC’s own site? Advertisers used to attached their brands to companies like NBC.

What the Olympics coverage seems to be saying with the Google/Pontiac and the above as leading examples, is that Old Media now is being forced to tap into new media to complete the cycle for the consumer. Google and Jobs as the Master I guess.