Meebo vs. Trillian

February 28, 2006

Having used both recently, I can’t get over the fact that Trillian is still a far better product than Meebo. Can some of its fans please drop by and fill me in on Meebo? what exactly the draw is with Meebo? And what is Trillian’s deal, are they happy selling upgrades, or is there a bigger plan in here somewhere?


One Response to “Meebo vs. Trillian”

  1. steadwell Says:

    Funny that you ask this! Today, I’m in the process of evaluating the + and – of each since they don’t work well together. From my observations so far, it appears that Trillian is designed strictly as a desktop integrator for email accounts, IM accounts, etc… where Meebo is more geared towards embeddable IM chat conversation gadgets for websites, blogs and such. I still haven’t determined which one or both will have to go but I’m new to Meebo and still trying to see if there is more to it than is apparent so far.

    Steve D.

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